Through the Eye of the Judge - About the DVD

Background to the DVD

The idea of these DVDs came from Jo Graham and it was first thought of in order to help dressage judges and potential dressage judges to understand what they are looking for and to develop their eye.

Jo approached Stephen Clarke, Britain's most highly respected judge, to come on board. Together they have developed the idea and come up with this series of DVDs from Novice Level through to Grand Prix. In the 3rd series, Music Freestyles, Tom Farnon joined us to compose the music.

A great range of horses are used on these dvds in order to give many comparisons and issues to study.

The contents of the DVD Series

Series 1: Consisting of 5 volumes this covers individual movements from Novice to Grand Prix. It compares several horses doing the same movement which gives a varied range of marks and comments. Volume 1- Novice, Volume 2 - Elementary, Volume 3 - Medium / Advanced Medium, Volume 4 Prix st Georges / Intermediate 1, Volume 5 - Grand Prix

Series 2: Consisting of 5 volumes this covers complete tests from Novice to Grand Prix. These concentrate on the collective marks at the end of the test. The tests used on the 2nd series are: Volume 1 - novice 23,37 and 39. Volume 2 - elementary 45,53 and 59. Volume 3 - medium 69, 75 and junior team and individual tests. Volume 4 - Prix st Gerges and Intermediate 1. Volume 5 -Grand Prix

Series 3: Consisting of 3 volumes Volume 1 covers Novice to Grand Prix and breaks down the artistic aspects of all levels. It looks in more detail regarding the choreography, degree of difficulty and looks at the type of music and interpretation. Volume 2 covers tests of novice, elementary and medium. Volume 3 covers tests from junior / advanced medium through to grand prix.

Objectives of the DVD

Inside each DVD is a crib sheet giving Stephen's comments. This has been done as a training aid for judges. They can turn the sound off and practice putting their own thoughts to a mark before comparing this to what Stephen has done on the crib sheet.

Not only is it of great value to judges but it helps to give riders a clearer understanding of what the judge is looking for.

It was produced in order to show a good variation of horses and importantly a wide range of marks. This was only possible with such willing guinea pigs who, not only gave up there time, but showed us mistakes and problems as well as their highlights.